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Sustainable Engineered Solutions for Efficient Mine Haul Roads

Soil & Dust Solutions specializes in providing top-tier Value Engineered Solutions for the most cost-effective and production-efficient construction of mine haul roads.

Our comprehensive Mine Haul Road Construction, Dust Control, and Maintenance Model deliver superior and sustainable results:

Key Benefits Include:

  • Water Use Reduction
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Efficient and Reduced Life Cycle Costing
  • Reduced Capital Cost Requirement for Vehicles & Equipment
  • Reduced Future Liabilities Related to Closure and Rehabilitation

Our services and products adhere to Best Available Technology (BAT), allowing for substantial life cycle cost savings, a significant reduction in Carbon Emissions, and a minimized Environmental Footprint.

For detailed product information, independent laboratory test reports, on-site QC reports, as well as project reports and detailed case studies, feel free to request them. These documents clearly demonstrate the high performance and quality of roads constructed with our advanced EBS soil stabilizer.

Significant Cost Impact Areas Include:

  • Construction of mine haul roads
  • Dust control on temporary roads
  • Maintenance fleet reduction – water tankers, graders, and compactors (Both Capital and Operational cost implications)
  • Haul fleet size (Both Capital and Operational cost implications)

Operational Benefits:

Work Cycle – Haul and Return

  • Decreased rolling resistance
  • Decreased fuel consumption
  • Increased average speed due to improved road conditions = decreased haul fleet
  • Increased haul road availability
  • Improved health and safety

Road Maintenance

  • Elimination of Grader(s) for road maintenance
  • Elimination of frequent use of water tankers for dust control
  • Decreased fuel consumption
  • Reduced water usage
  • Lower vehicle maintenance
  • Increased tire life
  • Dramatically reduced wearing course maintenance

For a comprehensive understanding of cost savings, we’ve developed a detailed Cost and Benefits Analysis Paper in collaboration with the mining industry. This paper, based on a 20km mine haul road model, provides quantifiable data over a ten-year life cycle, along with insights into Carbon Emission Reduction. Contact us for a copy of the paper and explore the significant impact of our solutions.

Soil and Dust Solutions – Providing Engineered Solutions for Mine Haul Road Construction Experienced. Efficient. Solution Driven.

Our Products

Mine Haul Roads Dust Control

Intelligent and Sustainable Solutions for Mine Haul Roads

Mine Haul Roads represent a significant capital investment, deserving preservation and optimal maintenance.

While dust control is crucial for safety and work cycle efficiency, the reliance on traditional methods involving “multiple daily treatments” is outdated. It’s time to adopt an intelligent and sustainable approach—stop, re-think, and do better. We’ll show you how.

Our Approach: Engineered Solutions for Value and Longevity

We don’t just sell a product; we provide specifically engineered solutions that deliver substantial value to our clients. Many products claim to reduce dust, but it’s essential to consider the potential damage they may cause to the road surface. Our perspective is different—we focus on understanding the broader impacts:

  • Driver’s visibility and safety
  • Road surface protection or degradation
  • Vehicle maintenance (impact on maintenance due to product adherence)
  • Tire wear
  • Work cycle efficiency
  • Environmental impact and CO2 emissions
  • Water consumption
  • Diesel usage
  • Operational costs
  • Road maintenance

Our flagship product, EBS Engineered Base Soil Stabilizer, not only provides a dust-free surface but significantly improves the Mine Haul road itself.

Quantifiable Results of Improved Mine Haul Roads:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: We’ve assisted clients in reducing haul road maintenance costs by hundreds of millions of USD.

For more information on how we can:

  • Improve your Haul and Access Roads
  • Increase work cycle efficiency
  • Decrease water and diesel usage
  • Decrease costs and maintenance
  • Reduce the mine’s environmental footprint

Contact us today. And don’t forget about the airstrip—see our solution for airstrip construction, maintenance, and surface sealing.