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Sustainable Engineered Solutions for Mine Haul Roads

Soil & Dust Solutions provides Engineered Solutions™ for the most Cost Effective and Production Efficient Mine Haul Road Construction.

Our Mine Haul Road Construction, Dust Control and Maintenance Model yields superior and sustainable results :

  • Water Use Reduction
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Efficient and reduced Life Cycle Costing
  • Reduced Capital Cost requirement related to Vehicles & Equipment
  • Reduced Future Liabilities Relating to Closure and Rehabilitation

Our services and products represent BAT, Best Available Technology, and in addition to allowing for substantial life cycle cost savings, also allow for a significant reduction in Carbon Emissions, and Environmental Footprint.

Detailed Product information, Independent Laboratory Test Reports, On-Site QC Reports, as well as Project Reports detailed Case Studies can be obtained upon request which clearly demonstrate the performance level and high quality of roads constructed with our advanced EBS soil stabilizer.

The specific capital expenditure areas that our products have significant and dramatic cost reducing impact include:

  • Construction of mine haul roads
  • Dust control on temporary roads
  • Maintenance fleet reduction – water tankers, graders and compactors  (Both Capital and Operational cost implications)
  • Haul fleet size  (Both Capital and Operational cost implications)

The Operational areas that our products have significant cost impact include:

Work Cycle – Haul and Return

  • Decreased rolling resistance
  • Decreased fuel consumption
  • Increased average speed due to improved road conditions = decreased haul fleet
  • Increased haul road availability
  • Better health and safety

Road Maintenance

  • Use of Grader(s) for road maintenance becomes negligible.
  • Frequent use of Water tankers for dust control is eliminated
  • Decreased fuel consumption
  • Decreased water usage
  • Decreased vehicle maintenance
  • Increased tire life
  • Wearing course maintenance is dramatically reduced

An example of how this translates into actual numbers in terms of cost savings is set forth in a Cost and Benefits Analysis Paper which was developed by Soil & Dust Solutions in conjunction with the mining industry, for the mining industry which uses a 3km mine haul road model and quantifiable data to ascertain the cost and savings over a ten year life cycle as well as the Carbon Emission Reduction which is realised.

For a copy of the paper, contact us.  also see   Carbon Emission Reduction section.

Mine Haul Road dust control
Mine haul road

Soil & Dust Solutions – Mine Haul Road On Site Testing  
Maintenance is simple and except for repair work for damage caused by debris, is on a quarterly or semi-annual basis and therefore does not require on-site establishment and permanently dedicated equipment. A routine Sweeping is the only maintenance requirement in addition to a surface seal maintenance application on an annual basis which is 30% of the initial application and decreases each year.

Soil and Dust Solutions Providing Engineered Solutions for Mine Haul Road Construction
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Our Products

Mine Haul Roads Dust Control

Mine Haul Roads Dust Control

Mine Haul Roads represent a large capital investment and as such, they should be looked after in a manner that preserves that investment.

Yes, dust control is absolutely essential on Mine Haul roads in terms of safety and work cycle efficiency—but Dust Control should not come with the cost of deteriorating the roads or require ” multiple daily treatments” . 

Traditional methods that require daily resources for road maintenance are out dated .


An Intelligent and Sustainable Approach This is our approach. We provide a solution that will improve and protect the Mine Haul Roads AND provide effective long-term dust control.

We do not just sell a product we provide specifically engineered solutions that deliver significant value to our clients. There are many products that claim to reduce dust – but one must also look at what damage they may cause to the road surface in the process. We look at this differently — there are many products that can be put on a road surface to prevent dust — BUT what else do they do?

Consider the following — whatever is put on a Mine Haul Roads surface, affects the following :

  • Drivers visibility
  • Drivers safety
  • Road surface protection or degradation
  • Vehicle increased or reduced maintenance ( if product sticks to a vehicle this increases maintenance )
  • Increased or decreased tyre wear
  • Increased or decreased work cycle efficiency
  • Environmental impact CO2 emissions
  • Water consumption
  • Diesel usage
  • Operational costs
  • Road Maintenance

All of the above are affected by “what is placed on the road “. Our flagship product EBS Engineered Base Soil Stabilizer — will provide a dust-free surface — HOWEVER, it will also greatly improve the Mine Haul road.

What are the results of a significantly improved Mine Haul road? — there are many that can be quantified. We have assisted many clients in reducing the maintenance cost of Haul Roads by hundreds of millions of USD – we can help you too.

For more information as to how we can: Improve your Haul and Access Roads;  Increase work cycle efficiency;  Decrease water usage;  Decrease diesel usage;  Decrease costs & maintenance, AND reduce the mine environmental footprint Contact us today.       and don’t forget about the airstrip — See our solution for airstrip construction and maintenance and surface seal