Sustainable Engineered Solutions for Mine Haul Roads

Mine Haul Roads Constructed by Soil & Dust Solutions

Soil & Dust Solutions provides Engineered Solutions™ for the most Cost Effective and Production Efficient Mine Haul Road Construction.

Our Mine Haul Road Construction, Dust Control and Maintenance Model yields superior results in terms of:

  • Road Safety
  • Water Use Reduction
  • Efficient and reduced Life Cycle Costing
  • Reduced Future Liabilities Relating to Closure and Rehabilitation
  • Reduced Environmental Impact

Our services and products represent BAT, Best Available Technology, and in addition to allowing for substantial life cycle cost savings, also allow for a significant reduction in Carbon Emissions, and Environmental Footprint.

Detailed Product information, Laboratory Test Reports, On-Site Test Reports conducted by Road Lab,  Africon and Geostrada, as well as detailed case studies can be obtained upon request which clearly demonstrate the performance level and high quality of roads constructed with our advanced soil stabilizer.   See Laboratory Testing section for a summary of on-site testing conducted.

The specific capital expenditure areas that our products have significant and dramatic cost reducing impact include:

  • Construction of mine haul roads
  • Dust control on temporary roads
  • Maintenance fleet reduction – water tankers, graders and compactors  (Both Capital and Operational cost implications)
  • Haul fleet size  (Both Capital and Operational cost implications)

The Operational areas that our products have significant cost impact include:

Work Cycle – Haul and Return

  • Decreased rolling resistance
  • Decreased fuel consumption
  • Increased average speed due to improved road conditions = decreased haul fleet
  • Increased haul road availability
  • Better health and safety

Road Maintenance

  • Use of Grader(s) for road maintenance becomes negligible.
  • Frequent use of Water tankers for dust control is eliminated
  • Decreased fuel consumption
  • Decreased water usage
  • Decreased vehicle maintenance
  • Increased tire life
  • Wearing course maintenance is dramatically reduced

An example of how this translates into actual numbers in terms of cost savings is set forth in a Cost and Benefits Analysis Paper which was developed by Soil & Dust Solutions in conjunction with the mining industry, for the mining industry which uses a 3km mine haul road model and quantifiable data to ascertain the cost and savings over a ten year life cycle as well as the Carbon Emission Reduction which is realized. To request the paper, contact us. For more detailed information see our  Carbon Emission Reduction section.

Mine Haul Road dust control
Mine haul road

Soil & Dust Solutions – Mine Haul Road On Site Testing  
Maintenance is simple and except for repair work for damage caused by debris, is on a quarterly or semi-annual basis and therefore does not require on-site establishment and permanently dedicated equipment. A routine Sweeping is the only maintenance requirement in addition to a surface seal maintenance application on an annual basis which is 30% of the initial application and decreases each year.

At ASSMANG BKM Khumani Iron Ore Mine in Kathu, Northern Cape,  South Africa the construction methods advised by Soil & Dust Solutions were tested extensively before being awarded the supply contract for the mine haul road and Crusher Tip construction.

Soil and Dust Solutions Providing Engineered Solutions for Mine Haul Road Construction
Experienced. Efficient. Solution Driven.

A full report by Road Lab (Pty) Limited of the MMLS testing done on the Mine Haul Road Test Sections, as well as reports by Geostrada and Africon are available upon request.  Additional Reports of the Construction of the Crusher tip conducted by Geostrada, and a construction report by Tranacon are also available.  click here to enquire

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