Assmang Khumani stockpile report

Khumani Mine Stockpile Report

Enhance Stockpile Dust Control Treatment for Sustainable Results

A dust control treatment for stockpiles was implemented at ASSMANG Khumani Iron Ore Mine, showcasing the efficacy of Soil and Dust Solutions’ approach. Two adjacent stockpiles were observed, one treated with a surface application of EBS Soil Stabilizer, and the other left untreated.

Results After Three Months:

  • Untreated Stockpile: Lost 169 tonnes of material, visible degradation.
  • Treated Stockpile: No measurable material loss, with noticeable vegetation growth.

Independent Monitoring Details:

A comprehensive report, inclusive of weather and wind conditions during monitoring, is available upon request.

Long-Term Stability:

Despite recommended maintenance every 18 months, no maintenance has been undertaken on the treated stockpile after 3 years. The surface remains stabilized, fostering vegetation growth and ensuring effective dust control.

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