The client was looking for a cost-effective environmentally compliant sustainable solution for dust abatement and erosion control on one of their stockpiles.

Recognizing that their activities can have an impact on the surrounding community, their own employees, and the environment it was time to act in order to maintain compliance with their own sustainability policy of protecting the environment, human rights as well as health, and safety.

Soil & Dust Solutions devised a specialized application to apply the EBS Soil Stabilizer to the stockpile, which will improve the integrity of the structure, reduce water usage, eliminate dust and erosion and prevent windblown and fugitive dust.

Project Description: The areas were treated using a Finn Hydroseeding machine with a specialized spray nozzle

Result: The stockpile treatment will provide a long-term sustainable solution with respect to dust abatement, which will improve the integrity of the structure, without the continuous use of water or machinery, which will ensure decreased liability, environmental compliance, the reduced effect on neighbouring communities, and an overall decreased environmental impact.