Soil and Dust Solutions is the leader in providing value-engineered solutions

We provide solution-driven and client-specific services across a number of industries, including road construction, road improvements, dust control, erosion control, solar, Oil & Gas, & Mining.

Our commitment to providing service and solutions with dedication and integrity sets us apart from others and it is this dedication that has earned us our excellent reputation and satisfied client base.

Soil and Dust Solutions is an Authorised Agent for Soil Solutions (International) Limited for the South African market providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for all types of soil stabilization in South Africa



Engineered Environmental Solutions

Engineering Sustainability

Soil Solutions has developed environmentally safe and sustainable solutions which Soil and Dust Solutions is able to bring to the South African market. Our sustainable solutions allow our clients to efficiently decrease their carbon emissions and environmental footprint to a substantial degree.

We provide effective and higher-performing alternatives to hydrocarbon-based products as well as allowing for substantial water conservation decreased diesel and decreased construction time.

We provide environmental assessments for our clients that clearly demonstrate in a quantifiable manner the decrease in water, diesel, and (CO2) carbon emissions.

Contact us today for solutions that you can implement to decrease your environmental footprint.

Soil Solutions = Sustainability


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Proven Results in the Mining, Road Construction and Dust Control Industries with completed projects that span many sectors including Solar, Oil&Gas, Rail, Equestrian, and Airstrips & Runways.

With the backup and support of a global company with extensive experience in Civil engineering and Soil Mechanics, Soil & Dust Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled service to our client base.  So much more than just providing a product – we provide holistic engineered solutions that meet our clients’ specific requirements.

  • Soil stabilization, sub-base, and base layer construction and surface seal for rural, secondary roads, municipal roads, rural and mine haul roads, runways, and embankments
  • Dust suppression is specifically engineered to meet the objectives and specifications of our clients. Dust control for Mine Haul Roads, Tailings, or gravel roads, and airstrips, our solutions are un-surpassed.
  • Hydro-seeding for landscaping, embankments, and the golf industry
  • Cost-effective construction methodologies and application methodologies that guarantee best results
  • Ten Year Life Cycle Cost and Benefit Analysis
  • Environmental Assessments in terms of water usage and Carbon Emissions Reductions
  • Complete Site Assessments, Project recommendations, On-Site technical management during the project, complete handover and specifically designed Maintenance Program

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