Hydrodac - Hydro-seedingHYDROTAC is an environmentally safe, specifically formulated highly effective tackifier. It is diluted with water that serves as a carrier agent and when applied to the ground, air and sunlight become the curing agents. Hydrotac is a tackifier and soil binder that in effect “glues” the hydroseed mixture to the surface of the ground until the germination and root growth occurs.  Hydroseeding is, without doubt, the fastest way to create verdant greenery in a dull and vapid landscape. It is also the most reliable and effective procedure for growing flora and grasses for a multitude of soil stabilization, erosion control and re-vegetation projects. The soaring popularity of using Hydrotac lies in the fact that it is a one-step application process that creates a lush green, beautiful carpet of grass.

The adhesive properties of Hydrotac

HYDROTAC allows it to literally hold the grass seed to the surface of the soil while allowing air and water to pass through it into the ground facilitating the germination of the seed without allowing any negative hydrophobic impact.


HYDROTAC has the ability to penetrate the soil by holding the seed in place for germination. The application rate for hydroseeding is very light (.03-.10 Litres/m²) and will provide for a very light flexible crust which will allow the seed, mulch, fibre, and cotton to be “tacked” to the soil –

Hydrotac – Hydro Seeding with just one application

Hydro Seeding  with Hydrotac

The exceptional results achieved with the use of Hydrotac are reached without the presence of the components of traditional hydroseeding mixtures,  which according to Audubon International have the following negative ecological effects: pollution of ground and surface water, poor stream water quality, degradation or loss of natural areas, health hazards from chemical handling and negative impacts of chemical use on wildlife.

Even though the market is teeming with innovative mulch products that score over traditional mulches, when it comes to hydroseeding, our non-volatile, non-toxic and non-flammable products rise above the others in the field. Apart from the absence of any biological content, our products do not violate the terms of the Water Quality Act and are perfectly safe for vegetation and wildlife. With our products, you are assured of uniform coverage, faster and simpler loading procedures and reduced water demand. All these attributes only add to the productivity of your hydroseeding exercise, whether as part of erosion control or landscaping project, in golf courses, hillsides, embankments, and other uneven areas, or even parks and other recreation zones.

Hydrotac has been used extensively throughout the Golf Course and Hydro-seeding Industries with profound success.

Soil & Dust Solutions and Soil Solutions (International) have high ranking reputations in the international golf industry, see On Course Solutions for the Golf Division and full profile of solutions for the golf industry including Bunker Stabilization, Hydro-seeding and Cart paths.

Project References

Ernie Els Nondela Drakensberg Mountain Estate

Jack Nicklaus Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate

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  • Embankments
  • Airports, Runways, and Runway Shoulders
  • Golf Courses
  • Landscaping
  • Rehabilitation Areas
  • Sports Complexes
  • Wine Farms

Spraying of green with Hydrotac

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