Soil Stabilization Solutions

EBS Soil Stabilizer provides Advanced Technology for Road Construction

Our Soil Stabilization Solutions include the use of a highly effective Nano Technology Binding Agent

EBS-logo-slidersEBS – Engineered Base Soil Stabilizer is a linear molecular structure consisting of millions of molecules that are linked and cross-linked together creating a stable multidimensional bonding matrix.

Specifically Designed Purpose Fit  Nano Technology Formulation

Utilizing the latest polymerization and best available reactor technology, EBS Soil Stabilizer coalesces and binds soil particles to create a solid mass, when applied to in-situ soils this will provide a substantially increased CBR.  When applied to a properly prepared area as a surface seal will provide a strong water-resistant surface that will also be protected from erosion and material loss.

We have successfully combined the traditional civil engineering aspects of road design and construction with our technologically advanced EBS Soil Stabilizer which  yields the following results:

  • Increase Load Bearing Capacity
  • Increase the Tensile Strength
  • Increase Elastomeric Properties
  • Increase Skid Resistance
  • Decrease Rolling Resistance
  • Reduce Freeze-thaw Heaving
  • Eliminate Corrugation and Rutting
  • Water and UV Resistant
  • Eliminate Requirement for Grading and Watering
  • Eliminates Dust    (*)
  • Improved and  Maintained Visibility
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency and Reduced Tyre Wear
  • Safer Driving Environment

(*)  Will suppress dust particles less than PM10 and PM2.5 microns in size, thus complying with US EPA standards and ISO 14001 compliancy)

EBS soil stabilizer / surface seal

EBS Surface Seal Application

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EBS Soil Stabilizer Introduction

African Barrick Gold Kahama Airstrip Tanzania

Bamburi Cement, Mombassa, Kenya Road Surface Seal 

Introduction To Intelligent Airstrips

Overall Result = Superior End Product  + Reduced Initial and Life Cycle costs + Improved Environmental Footprint

Used in numerous projects around the world Soil & Dust Solutions has proven time after time the successful results achieved when integrating our EBS into a soil stabilization and dust control project in accordance with our specifications.

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