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Engineered Solutions. Inspired by the Environment Carbon neutral world

We provide solutions for the mining industry that are sustainable, environmentally compliant, and allow for a significant reduction in water use and reduced CO2 emissions.

Creating  Sustainability with Environmental Solutions

We have taken cognizance of climate change and the resulting environmental legislation being implemented around the world in accordance with the commitments made at COP26. Accordingly, we have developed environmentally safe and sustainable solutions that allow our clients to effectively decrease their carbon emissions and environmental footprint.


Soil & Dust Solutions endeavours to implement solutions that support the COP26 Goals. Our solutions assist businesses and governments to meet the net-zero goal but reducing GHG emissions and increasing renewable energy output. Find out more about the COP26 Goals

Net Zero



EBS Soil Stabilizer Environmental Product Advantages

  • ability to be used with the in-situ soil
  • once applied, allow for significant water use reduction
  • will not leach into water tables or soil
  • do not contain heavy hydrocarbons or petroleum residues
  • suppression of dust particles of PM10 and PM2.5
  • adheres to the compliance regulations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • safe for vegetation, fauna, and flora
  • allows for a substantial reduction in water use

The adaption of new methods and technologies by the mining sector is essential in order for these companies to remain competitive.  We provide cost-effective solutions that allow companies to adapt to new methods that are sustainable and reduce carbon emissions and their environmental impact.  By taking such steps companies will engage in triple bottom line actions of corporate, social, and environmental responsibility, while at the same time reducing their future risk in terms of Carbon Cap and Tax policies which are rapidly being adopted and implemented by governments around the world.   SAFER – SMARTER – SIMPLER – COST-EFFECTIVE.

Water Conservation

Water Neutrality is a global process of instilling water savings projects and initiatives that will offset the amount of water used.  A number of countries and regions have recently been listed by the United Nations as “water endangered”, South Africa,  Namibia, Botswana, and Australia are amongst those listed.

In many areas where mining operations take place, there exist serious shortages of water supply, making the ability to conserve water usage critical, for which Soil & Dust Solutions provides a viable and effective solution.

IMAGINE THE WATER SAVINGS IF YOU STOPPED WATERING YOUR ROADS FOR DUST CONTROL.    That’s right not reduced – stopped.  How much water would you save?   

Contact us for a free evaluation to find out

 Environmental Solutions -CO2 FootprintReduced Environmental Footprint

Engineered Solutions. Inspired by the Environment.

Soil & Dust Solutions provides proven Engineered Environmental Solutions™ for the implementation of environmentally efficient methods for the reduction of greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions

Road Construction + Dust Suppression  x (SOIL & DUST SOLUTIONS ) = > CO2

Road Construction

The proper construction of a Mine Haul Road will:

  1. Improve Work Cycle
  2. Reduce Fleet Size
  3. Increase fuel efficiency
  4. Increase skid resistance
  5. Reduce Rolling Resistance
  6. Extend Tyre life

= Reduced CO2   Emissions

Dust Suppression

Effective Dust Control will:

  1. Eliminate the need for constant watering by water trucks
  2. Eliminate related diesel consumption
  3. Significantly reduce water consumption
  4. Decrease maintenance of vehicles

= Reduced CO2  Emissions

We think Green means Green.

This is a time period where environmental improvement is going to lead toward profitability.” –Jeffrey R. Immelt, Chairman, and CEO, GE
The investment to use our products for mine haul road construction and dust suppression will prove to be an effective investment in the environment which will also:

  • reduce CO2 emissions
  • increase efficiency
  • increase production
  • increase profitability


Worldwide, the mining industry contributes 65 % of Green House Gas Emissions.  While the reliance of the population and world’s economies on natural resources is not going to decrease significantly, the incorporation of environmentally efficient methods into the capital development and operational costs of mining and industrial operations will have a positive effect on the carbon emission reduction, and the greenhouse gas effect on global warming.

Many countries around the world have already implemented Carbon Cap and Tax legislation; many more will follow in the coming years.  As a result of the recent Summit on Climate Change – South Africa (Gallagher Estates, March 2-6, 2009), South Africa will have its formal Carbon Cap and Tax regulations in place by 2012.

Mines and industries that undertake initiatives that reduce carbon emissions will position themselves to:

Avoid carbon tax for exceeding emission limits and Earn Carbon credits as a result.

Effective management of the daily operations on mine sites can be adapted to new methods that decrease carbon emissions substantially.

Soil & Dust Solutions offers a real opportunity for our mining, construction, and industrial clients in terms of Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) resulting in a significantly reduced environmental footprint and Carbon Credits.  Soil & Dust Solutions not only supplies BAT – Best Available Technology, but also the knowledge and ability to guide its clients through the CDM process through to technical and site assistance.

Clean Development Mechanism – CDM

Project Description

Reduced CO2 –CER through reduced/eliminated diesel consumption associated with constant dust suppression and inferior road construction.


the reduction process falls under a defined methodology under energy efficiency, fuel switching (in our case significant decrease of diesel consumption) for carbon emission reduction. (Contact us for more detailed information)


Use of the product is guaranteed to have a significant impact on the current baseline (models to demonstrate are available, contact us for more information)


  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced air pollution – dust suppression
  • Safer and Healthier working environment
  • Workers re-deployed (no jobs lost)
  • Reduced Operational costs
  • Significant water conservation


  • Capital expenditure required
  • Best Available Technology
  • Baseline and CER reduction levels not sensitive to sales volumes
  • Change from Business as Usual

We have been working together with strategic top industry leaders in several different sectors in order to develop a comprehensive data model to determine CO2 baseline assessments.  Call us for an appointment to assess and evaluate your operations.

Material Data Safety Sheets, Environmental Toxicity Reports, and Aquatic Toxicity Reports are available upon request.

 Environmental Solutions -CO2 Footprint

Carbon Emission Credits

Decarbonizing the mining industry is the front and centre of the big business climate change movement. More mining companies are making bold commitments to help fight climate change. With the introduction of Carbon Credits, these changes also have a positive spin-off.

Soil & Dust can assist in helping companies reach these goals. Through the use of sensors and data collection that is then analyzed and combined with AI and machine learning which will provide predictive models.

This will allow for quantifiable accounting for CO2 and GHG which can then be used on blockchain and carbon credit platforms. This end-to-end system is integrated on ONE easy to use platform/dashboard.


  • Reaching emissions targets
  • Identifying environmental exposures
  • Monitoring and reducing GHG emissions
  • Qualifying for carbon credits
  • Lowering your carbon footprint
  • ESG and SDG reporting
  • Avoid Green Washing
  • Alignment with COP26 goals

Mining and Blockchain Initiative

  • Ensuring traceability of emissions from mine to final product
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Environmental, social and governance requirements
  • Mine to market visibility and accountability

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