Value-Engineered Solutions by Soil and Dust Solutions for Diverse Industries

Soil and Dust Solutions stands at the forefront, offering meticulously engineered solutions designed to provide exceptional value across a multitude of industries. Our services are custom-tailored, catering to road construction, road improvements, dust control, erosion control, as well as sectors such as solar, oil, gas, and mining.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering services and solutions with utmost dedication and integrity. This commitment has been instrumental in establishing our excellent reputation and fostering a satisfied client base.

As an Authorized Agent for Soil Solutions (International) Limited in the South African market, Soil and Dust Solutions is dedicated to providing sustainable and cost-effective soil stabilization solutions. This exclusive partnership empowers us to offer cutting-edge, environmentally conscious solutions for a variety of soil stabilization needs in South Africa.

Discover how our value-driven, client-specific services can elevate your projects. Trust Soil and Dust Solutions to provide innovative, tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of your industry.



Engineered Environmental Solutions Promoting Sustainability

Soil Solutions has pioneered environmentally safe and sustainable solutions, now accessible in the South African market through Soil and Dust Solutions. Our innovative sustainable solutions offer a way for clients to significantly reduce their carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Our solutions present effective, high-performance alternatives to hydrocarbon-based products, enabling substantial water conservation and reductions in diesel usage and construction time.

We provide comprehensive environmental assessments that quantifiably illustrate reductions in water consumption, diesel usage, and CO2 emissions for our clients. These assessments offer clear metrics showcasing the tangible decrease in environmental impact.

Looking to decrease your environmental footprint? Get in touch with us today to explore and implement these solutions. Soil Solutions and Soil and Dust Solutions are committed to sustainability through pioneering engineered environmental solutions.


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Proven Results in Mining, Road Construction, and Dust Control Industries

Soil & Dust Solutions has a proven track record with completed projects spanning diverse sectors including Solar, Oil & Gas, Rail, Equestrian, Airstrips & Runways, showcasing our success in various industries.

With the backing of a global company boasting extensive experience in Civil Engineering and Soil Mechanics, Soil & Dust Solutions stands uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled service to our valued clients. Beyond mere product provision, we specialize in delivering holistic engineered solutions precisely tailored to meet the distinct requirements of our clients.

Our services encompass:

  • Soil stabilization, sub-base, and base layer construction, and surface sealing catering to a wide array of road types and construction needs including rural, secondary, municipal, and mine haul roads, runways, and embankments.
  • Dust suppression solutions engineered to specifically meet our clients’ objectives. From mine haul roads and tailings to gravel roads and airstrips, our solutions are unmatched.
  • Hydro-seeding techniques for landscaping, embankments, and the golf industry.
  • Cost-effective construction and application methodologies ensuring optimal results.
  • Ten Year Life Cycle Cost and Benefit Analysis, guaranteeing long-term cost-effectiveness.
  • Environmental assessments, focusing on water usage and reductions in carbon emissions.
  • Complete site assessments, project recommendations, on-site technical management, and customized maintenance programs.

Soil & Dust Solutions remains committed to delivering outstanding results and client satisfaction across multiple industries. Contact us today to explore how our tailored, proven solutions can benefit your project.

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