Intelligent Agriculture Solutions

We provide the needed IoT edge monitoring and data collection & interpretation for Precision Decisions and Environmental planning together with Green Roads that allow our clients to increase efficicency and decrease environmental impact.

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Intelligent Road Solutions

Intelligent Road Solutions

There is no better way to stimulate economic growth than through an extended or improved road network and with our Green Road Solution that provides a reduced environmental impact – there is no other choice.
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Intelligent Airstrip Solutions

Intelligent Airstrip Solutions

Turnkey and Value Engineered Solutions for Airstrip and Runway Construction, Upgrades, and Rehabilitation of existing gravel or pavements. Our holistic approach and extensive experience allows us to deliver beyond expectations.

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Intelligent Mining Solutions

Intelligent Mining Solutions

Reduced Cost per Tonne.   Reduced Opex Costs.   Reduced Environmental Impact. Increased Sustainability.   We guarantee these results and can provide End to End integrated IOT systems for quantifiable data for Sustainability and MMBI Reporting.

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 Meet the Experts


Proven Expertise. Tailored Solutions. Measurable Impact.

Soil and Dust Solutions is dedicated to providing holistic and sustainable solutions. With a proven track record, we specialize in delivering comprehensive turnkey services customized to resolve the specific challenges encountered by the mining and construction industries. (Feel free to request our full list of references.)

Our team comprises trained professionals, each equipped with specialized knowledge across various industries. They oversee projects from the initial site assessment, cost and benefit analysis, to product execution and handover, ensuring a seamless and successful process.

Take a moment to explore our website and delve into these key sections for a comprehensive understanding of our valuable services:

  • Our Products Discover our range of effective solutions designed to address soil and dust-related concerns.
  • Our Project Gallery See firsthand the successful outcomes and solutions we’ve provided to our clients.
  • Our Videos  Gain insights into our processes, methodologies, and successful project executions.

At Soil and Dust Solutions, our commitment is to deliver practical, effective, and sustainable solutions that make a measurable difference in your industry. Explore our website to witness the impact we can bring to your projects.

Soil and Dust Solutions provides Engineered Solutions ™ for:


Comprehensive Solutions for Road Construction, Soil Stabilization, and Dust Suppression

Soil stabilization, sub-base and base layer construction, as well as surface sealing, cater to various road types, including rural, secondary, municipal roads, mine haul roads, runways, and embankments. We specialize in providing tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of these environments.

Our dust suppression solutions are precisely engineered to match the objectives and specifications of our clients. Whether you’re involved in a residential development, require dust control for a mine haul road, airstrip, or even a golf course, our technical managers will create a customized solution that consistently delivers superior results.

We take into account a ten-year life cycle cost perspective, ensuring not only immediate but also long-term cost-effectiveness. Additionally, our services encompass environmental assessments, focusing on water usage and reductions in carbon emissions, aligning with sustainable practices and regulatory standards.

For ongoing care, we offer complete maintenance programs and services, ensuring the sustained performance and durability of our solutions over time.

Soil and Dust Solutions offers a holistic approach, encompassing construction, stabilization, and dust suppression, designed to meet the specific needs of different industries and projects. Contact us to explore how our tailored solutions and services can benefit your project’s longevity and environmental compliance.


Innovative Engineered Solutions for Road Construction, Dust Control, and Mining Industries

Soil and Dust Solutions leads the industry by delivering meticulously engineered solutions tailored to meet the distinct needs of road construction, road improvements, dust control, erosion control, and the mining sector.

Our unwavering commitment to providing integrity-driven service sets us apart, establishing a reputation for excellence backed by the successful completion of hundreds of projects. It’s our dedication to tailored solutions and exceptional service that defines our success in the industry.

As the Exclusive Authorized Agent for Soil Solutions in South Africa, Soil & Dust Solutions proudly offers sustainable, cost-effective solutions for roads and soil stabilization in the region. This partnership enables us to deliver cutting-edge technologies and environmentally conscious practices to enhance road infrastructure and soil stability throughout South Africa.

We take pride in our innovative approaches, client-centric services, and proven track record in delivering high-quality, sustainable solutions. Explore our services to discover how we can elevate your projects with our solution-focused strategies.