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Innovative Engineering for Sustainable Road Construction and Soil Enhancement

Applying the principles of engineering and science, Soil and Dust Solutions revolutionizes road construction and soil improvements.


SOIL AND DUST SOLUTIONS introduces a pioneering approach to road construction with our Intelligent Road Solutions, offering value-engineered solutions for base layer construction, stabilization, and surface sealing. We stand behind our commitment to an environmentally friendly, smarter, safer, sustainable, economical, and ethical approach.

Explore the future of road construction and soil enhancement with Soil and Dust Solutions.

Gravel Road Solutions


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Real Solutions for Road Construction and Improvements

Whether you’re planning new road construction, dealing with roads featuring substandard materials, or seeking improvements, Soil and Dust Solutions has the real solutions you need.

Explore the Efficiency of EBS Soil Stabilizer

Our EBS Soil Stabilizer, a nano-modified emulsion, offers a revolutionary alternative for road base construction and soil stabilization. It enhances the density, tensile strength, flexibility (elasticity), durability, and water resistance of road bases and surfaces more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional methods.

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Gravel Road Construction

Road Construction

Intelligent Road Solutions™: Tailored Excellence in Road Construction

Roads are a vital component of a country, city, or town’s infrastructure, playing a crucial role in overall growth and development.

Several pivotal factors influence road construction, including:

  • Type and Characteristics of in-situ soil
  • Clay and/or sand content
  • Type, Volume, and weight of traffic
  • Availability of Aggregate or cement
  • Design Specification
  • Type of Equipment
  • Budget

Our flagship product, EBS™ Engineered Base Stabilizer, is seamlessly integrated into the mix design for the base layer works of a road and can also be applied as a surface seal.

Each road is unique, and every solution is meticulously tailored to meet the client’s objectives and specifications.

Soil and Dust Solutions offers comprehensive consulting services, covering road design specifications, soil and material testing, tender preparation, project management, and construction. If you require these services, feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.




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Soil Stabilisation

EBS soil stabilizer - Road construction


Base Layer Stabilization: A Sustainable Solution by Soil Solutions

Soil Solutions introduces Base Layer Stabilization as a groundbreaking Positive Impact Solution, offering an alternative to traditional methods that utilize cement or bituminous products for stabilizing sub-standard materials as a sub-base or base course in road construction.

Discover a cost-effective solution from Soil Solutions that empowers current budgets to deliver more.

Introducing Engineered Base Stabilizer (EBS)

Engineered Base Stabilizer (EBS) stands as an innovative alternative for road base construction and soil stabilization. It enhances the density, tensile strength, flexibility (elasticity), durability, and water resistance of road bases more efficiently and inexpensively than traditional methods.

Transform your approach to road construction with sustainable solutions by Soil Solutions.

Layer stabilization

Achieving Base Layer Stabilization: A Comprehensive Process

Curious about how Base Layer Stabilization is achieved? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  • Laboratory testing of the material and mix design development
  • Scarifying the existing layer to the specified depth
  • Comparison of optimum moisture content to in-place moisture content
  • Thorough mixing and uniform processing of the EBS utilizing a reclaimer
  • Contour, camber, crown, or cross fall the surface to provide for drainage
  • Compaction, final levels, and finishing using vibratory dual drum and pneumatic tyre rollers

Our profound understanding of material and soil mechanics enables us to offer site-specific solutions. Additionally, we integrate various technologies as needed to address specific challenges, ensuring a tailored solution for enhancing in-situ soil.

For a customized approach to Base Layer Stabilization, contact us to discuss your project’s unique requirements.

Benefits of base layer stabilisation
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Surface Sealing

Intelligent Road Solutions™  -Road Surface Sealing

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INTELLIGENT ROAD SOLUTIONS ™: Revolutionizing Road Surface Sealing

Sealing a road surface is pivotal for its long-term life and sustainability. Traditional methods often leave gravel road surfaces vulnerable to constant degradation, including runoff, erosion, corrugation, potholes, and significant dust, demanding extensive maintenance.

Soil Solutions offers its flagship product, EBS, as an exceptionally cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Once the road is graded, shaped, contoured with drainage, and compacted, EBS is applied as a surface seal. The initial application performs for 12+ months, resulting in a solid surface protected from runoff, erosion, and dust. This treatment ensures material retention, providing a superior road surface. With an EBS™ Surface Seal, the road will NEVER require grading, re-sheeting, compaction, or watering again—only a maintenance application of the surface seal.

Benefits of EBS Surface Sealed Gravel Roads

  • Important and substantial cost savings for governments and municipalities in terms of Gravel Road Maintenance
  • After an EBS Surface Seal, these Gravel Roads will NEVER need to be Graded or Compacted Again.
  • The road will have a longer life, requiring spot maintenance every few years instead of major regular maintenance.
  • The road surface is protected from erosion and material loss.
  • No dust and increased safety.
  • Provides a valuable solution for governments, enhancing service delivery while reducing costs.
  • Ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, reducing Environmental Impact.

Unlock the benefits of EBS Surface Sealed Gravel Roads and transform your road infrastructure sustainably.




Surface Sealed Roads

Soil Solutions provides its benchmark product EBS as an extremely cost-effective and sustainable solution.

EBS Surface Seal 1
Applying EBS Surface Seal
Bamburi Completed Access Road
After EBS Surface Seal SARF

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