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Soil & Dust Solutions provides Engineered Solutions™ for Dust Control – no matter how big or small the project — from Mine Haul Roads to Game Lodges, we are the global industry specialist in providing total turn-key, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for dust control.

We begin with a site assessment in order to advise our client which product will be most effective for their objectives, and meets the requirements of the specified project. From project inception through to the conclusion of product applications, Soil & Dust Solutions provides all services and consultations required. See our about us section for a brief of the turnkey services provided by Soil & Dust Solutions from project inception to conclusion.

Due to the high-performance level of our dust control products, no permanent site establishment is required, which when compared to any other product on the market, provides for significantly reduced costs due to reduced maintenance and water costs.


Durasolution is a  WATER-LESS  dust control agent that is a permanent wetting agent used for roads of sub-standard material – Mine Pit Roads, Access Roads specifically developed for areas where tracked vehicles are in use.  Also perfect for underground use.  Durasolution is a specialized product for demanding and challenging dust control solutions.   Easy to apply – no dilution required.

Underground and Maintenance Area Dust control at Great Basin Gold Mine

Durasolution is also ideal for Equestrian Arenas and tracks.


In all applications, Durasolution will yield substantial cost and water savings.


EBS Soil Stabilizer applied as a surface seal is an effective dust control agent for roads, runways, and Mine Haul Roads.  It will provide a greatly improved and safer road while providing complete long-term dust control.

Product Applications are done in accordance with our recommended specification rates and method.  Once applied, and dependent upon application rates used, performance durations are from 12-18 months. Some applications such as tailings and stockpiles which have no traffic are effective for 24 or more months.  Only after this time is a maintenance application required. This is typically only 30% of the original amount and is easily applied.

Soil & Dust Solutions provides specifically Engineered Solutions for dust control in practically any area including:

  • Roads
  • Runways
  • Walkways
  • Parking areas
  • Mining operations
  • Stockpiles
  • Construction areas
  • Staging and Operation Areas

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Underground Dust Control – Mining Industry

Underground mining presents additional challenges and obstacles to which the innovative solutions provided by Soil & Dust Solutions overcame and provided a safer, dust-free, healthier, and more productive and efficient work environment.

At Eastplats Crocodile River Mine, located in Brits, South Africa, the mine was faced with a steep decline shaft which was accumulating large quantities of dust which was then being tracked into the shaft making work and general logistics very challenging.

Soil & Dust Solutions was asked to conduct a site assessment of the problem and to advise on a long-term solution. Previous attempts at dust control were not successful due to harmful fumes and insufficient performance.

A complete assessment of the area and observation during working hours revealed substantial amounts of fugitive dust accumulation.

In consideration of the amount of fugitive dust, together with the general environment; the steep incline, and the type of vehicles that traffic in and out of these underground mining shafts, the technical managers at Soil & Dust Solutions recommended for these locations to be treated with DURASOLUTION – a permanent wetting agent.

This treatment allows for a surface that will continually increase its compaction, eliminate dust, absorb fugitive dust, and not track on the tyres or vehicles.  As it is odourless , when applied underground in the shaft, there are no fumes or irritants.

DURASOLUTION performs as a compaction aid resulted in a greatly improved driving surface as well as a dust-free area.

Underground Dust Control
Entrance to Decline 1 at Zandfontein.
Underground Dust Control

Entrance to Maroelabult Decline shaft

DURASOLUTION Application was done using a pump and spray system devised by Soil & Dust Solutions, which was attached to a mini-bulk container resting in the back of a bakkie or on an underground vehicle for ease of application and movement while underground.

Underground Dust Control
Underground Dust Control

The application process allowed for traffic to flow continuously during the application therefore not interrupting or delaying the mining operations.

Zandfontein before application
Underground Dust Control
Zandfontein during application
Underground Dust Control
Zandfontein after application

Underground Dust Control
Maroelabult before application
Underground Dust Control
Maroelabult During application
Underground Dust Control
Maroelabult after application

In providing a holistic and sustainable solution, Soil & Dust Solutions recommended that the sides of the entrance road to decline 1 at Zandfontein also be treated for dust suppression, as this decreased the amount of fugitive dust being tracked or blown onto the Decline area. .

Underground Dust Control
Underground Dust Control
Underground Dust Control

The ease of product application, as well as the reduced frequency of re-application for maintenance purposes, are extremely important benefits that use of the products provided by Soil & Dust Solutions.

Experienced. Effective. Innovative.
The Engineered Solutions™ provided by Soil & Dust Solutions was specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the client which were to achieve total dust control in the areas in an efficient way and at a cost-effective rate, which was sustainable, did not require frequent re-applications, and which was environmentally compliant.

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Mine Tailings

Dust Control on Mine Tailings
Eastplats Platinum Mine – Brits, South Africa

The Tailings complex at Eastplats Mine (Barplats Limited) covers an area of 82,500 m².  In order to meet the objective which was complete dust control of the tailings and surrounding areas, the team at Soil & Dust Solutions conducted an in-depth site assessment taking numerous factors into consideration which included: Wind direction; Height and Position of Tailings; Location of the local community; Environmental Factors as well as Accessibility. Upon final assessment and discussions with on-site management, it was decided to treat the sides and top of the tailings with a light application of EBS soil stabilizer.

A topical application of EBS offers the most effective solution for dust control on Mine Tailings.  The fact the product is safe and easy to apply and only needs to be applied every 4-5 years makes it the ideal solution.  Cost-effective and Sustainable.

The application of EBS was done in the following manner:

Mine Tailings
View of the tailings
Mine Tailings
Top view of tailings
Mine Tailings
Side view of the tailings

Due to the excessive amount of wind, the size and height of the tailings, the amount of dust accumulation, and complaints from the neighboring farmers it was determined that there was a problem that needed to be urgently addressed. Soil & Dust Solutions conducted a site assessment, designed equipment set up which would allow for the application of the product even in difficult-to-reach areas, and provided on-site assistance for the EBS application process.

Mine Tailings
Mine Tailings

Examples of the severe dust problem, which existed prior to application

Mine Tailings
Mine Tailings
Mine Tailings

Soil & Dust Solutions was also contracted to devise and set up the application process and equipment as well as to train on-site personnel. EBS was applied at a rate of .15 litres per square meter starting at the top of the tailings and working down the sides. At this rate, an area of approximately 5,000 to 6,500 m² per day can be covered.

Below is an example of how Soil & Dust Solutions provides Engineered Solutions™, as due to the soft material, a water truck could not be used, also the angles presented a challenge for accurate coverage.  As Tracked vehicles were the only type that could be used, Soil & Dust Solutions designed and manufactured a specialized spray bar and attachments to be fitted onto the bucket of the excavator. This spray system allowed for consistent spray coverage in a safe manner and was a total solution for the tailings treatment.

Mine Tailings

Mine Tailings
Before  Application
Mine Tailings
During Application
Mine Tailings
After Application

The pictures below show that the treated areas are showing no signs of erosion and the crust created continues to suppress the dust even after 3 months during which there was a significant amount of rainfall.

Mine Tailings
The area after 3 months

Mine Tailings
Area after 6 months

Mine Tailings
Area after 3 months

Mine Tailings
Area after 24 months

Soil & Dust Solutions provided a holistic and very effective solution for the required dust control of the Tailings Complex at Eastplats Platinum Mine.  The solution provided eliminated the costly sprinkler systems, reduced water consumption, eliminating the dust, therefore providing a safer, and healthier work environment, as well as eliminating the air pollution which was being caused. An innovative solution that allowed the mine to decrease its environmental impact.

Assmang Khumani stockpile report

Khumani Mine Stockpile Report

Stockpile Dust Control Treatment

A stockpile treatment for dust control was conducted at ASSMANG Khumani Iron Ore Mine, whereby two adjacent stockpiles were documented, one was treated with a surface application of EBS Soil Stabilizer, while the other was left untreated.

After three months 169 tonnes of material was lost from the untreated stockpile, no measurable material was lost from the treated stockpile, and in fact, vegetation had grown. Full details of the independent monitoring including weather and wind conditions are available upon request in a compiled report.

Despite recommended maintenance applications every 18 months, no maintenance whatsoever has been done and the surface of the treated stockpile remains stabilized after 3 years while allowing vegetation to grow and providing dust control.

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Dust Control Open Pit Mining

Soil & Dust Solutions was retained to provide dust control solutions for an open-pit mining operation in Botswana. The objectives were to improve visibility, road safety, and production efficiency. After proper preparation of the area which only entailed a sweeping of the surface, A water truck was used to apply a surface application of Durasolution to the road surface. This proved to be an effective dust suppression treatment which was also effective on fugitive dust. This treatment totally negated the need for water for dust suppression and provided a much safer driving environment than previous methods and products used by the mine.

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