Soil & Dust Solutions was contacted to construct the ramp and crusher tip area for the Assmang Khumani Iron Ore Mine. Lab testing was conducted in order to determine the mix design that would provide the desired results in the most cost-efficient manner for the wearing course. Once the mix design was determined the construction began. The area was properly shaped including line and levels allowing for adequate drainage and then an in-situ deep milling machine (Reclaimer) was used to mix the EBS dilution with the soil bringing it to the optimum moisture content prior to compact to 98%. During this process, all particles in excess of 40mm were removed from the surface to ensure that the ideal grading modulus was adhered to. Following the compaction of the 200mm layer, the surface was pre-wet to loosen the tension of the soil to allow for better penetration of the EBS Soil Stabilizer. The EBS Soil Stabilizer was applied in 4 even coats in order to seal the wearing course layer and act as a dust suppressant. This is the largest crusher tip in the Southern hemisphere and is subject to the constant traffic of CAT 789C Haul Trucks.