HYDROTAC is an environmentally safe, specifically formulated highly effective tackifier. It is diluted with water that serves as a carrier agent and when applied to the ground, air and sunlight become the curing agents. Hydrotac is a tackifier and soil binder that in effect "glues" the hydro seed mixture to the surface of the ground until the germination and root growth occurs.Read More
IDM Dust Machines

Industrial Dust Machines

IDM Industrial Dust Machines Provide Effective Solutions for Managing and Mitigating Surface and Airborne Dust at Active Points. These dust machines produce micro particles of water that capture dust particles in the air and guide them to the earth. Read More
EBS soil stabilizer

EBS Soil Stabilizer

Soil Stabilization Solutions - Advanced Technology in Road Construction. EBS - Soil Stabilizer which is a linear molecular structure consisting of millions of molecules that are linked and cross linked together creating a stable bonding matrix. Read More