A private Estate was looking for a way to upgrade or reconstruct the walking path located within their Estate and contacted Soil & Dust Solutions for possible options. The walking path is a natural feature of the Estate and therefore the construction methodology used was designed to preserve the path without disturbing the surrounding environment by limiting the amount of equipment and machinery to be used and causing no harm to the vegetation.

The aggregate material was mixed in a cement mixer and made into a slurry, which was then transported by truck to the path and put in place using wheelbarrows. Before the slurry was put in place a tack coat of EBS was applied to pre-wet the in-situ surface in order to loosen the tension of the in-situ soil in order to ensure that the slurry binds properly.

The slurry mixture was spread by hand using floats and a board for leveling. Trees were incorporated into the pathway and stones were placed and stacked along the sides of the pathway creating a natural-looking edge keeping with the natural look and feel of the Estate. Soft brooms were used to brush over the surface creating a natural textured look to the pathway. Lastly, after given sufficient time for drying a surface seal of EBS was applied providing a final protective sealant over the pathway making it UV and weather resistant.

The final result is a beautiful looking natural path that blends in with the surrounding environment perfectly.