Soil Solutions was contacted by Xstrata Coal (Witbank, South Africa) to construct and stabilize the gravel access road to the mine. The road construction was done using the following process: Construction of the subgrade to final grades and elevations (line and levels). Scarifying the existing subgrade soil to the required depth as indicated on the plans and required specifications. Milling the wearing course to the indicated depth and adding EBS Soil Stabilizer to bring the material up to the Optimum Moisture Content (OMC). The wearing course was then cut to final levels, shaped, compacted, and finished using a grader and steel drum roller. The wearing course was then sealed with EBS Soil Stabilizer and left to cure before opening the road for traffic.  As a result, the surface only requires minimal maintenance including a routine sweeping to clear any debris left from haul trucks, routine cleaning of the drainage system, and an annual or as-needed maintenance coat of EBS Soil Stabilizer.