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Efficient Dust Control Solutions for Solar Power Plant Internal Roads and Surrounding Areas

Maximize Solar Panel Performance with Superior Dust Control

Ensuring the optimal performance of solar panels is crucial for the success of solar power plants. The single most significant factor that hinders solar panel efficiency is dust accumulation. Effective dust control on internal roads, pathways, and the surrounding area is paramount for minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing the lifespan of solar equipment.

The Importance of Clean Panels:

  1. Enhanced Energy Absorption:
    • Dust accumulation on solar panels absorbs sunlight on the surface, reducing the amount of light reaching the cells.
    • Clean surfaces allow for maximum energy absorption, optimizing output performance over the equipment’s lifespan.

Our Tailored Dust Control Solutions:

Soil & Dust Solutions provides specialized dust control solutions designed to address the unique challenges faced by solar power plants. Our comprehensive approach ensures clean panels and optimal energy absorption.

1. Dust Control on Internal Roads and Pathways:

  • Implementation of a strategic dust control plan for internal roads and pathways.
  • Topical application of EBS Soil Stabilizer to create a dust-free environment.

2. Surrounding Area Dust Control:

  • Extended dust control measures to the surrounding areas of the solar power plant.
  • Utilization of EBS Soil Stabilizer to prevent fugitive dust, enhancing overall performance.

Benefits of Our Dust Control Solutions:

  • Maximized Panel Performance:
    • Clean surfaces result in increased solar panel output performance throughout their operational lifespan.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs:
    • Effective dust control minimizes the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance, reducing overall operational costs.
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan:
    • Preservation of solar panel efficiency contributes to the prolonged lifespan of equipment.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency:
    • Optimal energy absorption leads to enhanced overall energy efficiency.
  • Improved Return on Investment (ROI):
    • Maximized performance and reduced maintenance costs contribute to a higher return on investment for the solar power plant.

Soil & Dust Solutions is committed to delivering tailored dust control solutions that safeguard the performance and longevity of solar power plant equipment. Contact us to discuss how our expertise can benefit your solar project.


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Solar Power Solutions Brochure

Solar power Panel Dust mitigation
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As little as one-seventh of an ounce of dust on a square yard of solar panel can decrease energy absorption by as much as 40 percent.  The National Renewable Energy laboratory estimates that energy loss due to accumulated dust can be as high as 25 percent; other experts, individual solar power dealers in particular, estimate that energy loss can go as high as 30 percent”

Taken from the article “The Dirt on Solar Panels” posted by Achelle Santos on November 2, 2012 on the website.


This maintenance can be both time consuming and expensive.  Soil Solutions provides important solutions that address these challenges.

Comprehensive Erosion and Dust Control Solutions for Solar Power Plants

Protecting Your Solar Investment

Solar power plants are vulnerable to natural processes such as ground erosion and dust accumulation, which can compromise the efficiency and structural integrity of the facility. Soil & Dust Solutions offers advanced Value Engineered Solutions® designed to mitigate erosion and dust-related challenges in solar energy projects.

Key Challenges in Solar Power Plants:

  1. Ground Erosion:
    • Natural processes like water and wind erosion can reshape the ground, creating channels, slopes, and holes that pose a threat to solar facilities.
  2. Racking Erosion:
    • Structural erosion in racking systems can jeopardize the optimal positioning of solar panels, affecting energy generation and overall facility functioning.

Our Tailored Solutions:

1. Dust Control:

  • Soil & Dust Solutions implements a topical application of EBS Soil Stabilizer on the solar farm and surrounding areas.
  • Treating access roads, servitudes, and pathways with EBS ensures a dust-free environment, significantly improving solar panel performance and lifespan.

2. Erosion Control:

  • Applying EBS Soil Stabilizer to the ground and access pathways prevents erosion for an extended period.
  • A single application lasts for five or more years, safeguarding the area against erosion and preserving the structural integrity of the facility.

Benefits of Soil & Dust Solutions:

  • Erosion Prevention:
    • Effectively prevents ground erosion, protecting the solar facility from reshaping due to natural processes.
  • Dust Protection:
    • Ensures dust-free panels by preventing fugitive and wind-blown dust, enhancing energy generation efficiency.
  • Improved Access Roads:
    • Provides access and service roads free from dust, corrugation, potholes, rutting, and erosion, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Stabilization on Slopes:
    • Prevents stabilization issues on slopes, embankments, or ditches, ensuring the safety and longevity of the facility.
  • Budget Efficiency:
    • Reduces construction and maintenance budgets while providing long-lasting protection.
  • Environmental Impact:
    • Minimizes environmental impact on surrounding areas and communities.
  • Water Savings:
    • Significantly reduces water usage, aligning with sustainable and water-neutral practices.

Soil & Dust Solutions delivers Value Engineered Solutions® for utility-scale alternative energy projects, ensuring the protection and longevity of your solar investment. Contact us to explore our tailored solutions for your solar power plant.