Pothole Repair, Sealing and Road Shoulders, and General Maintenance are done with ease

Job Creation and Employment Opportunities

Soil & Dust Solutions providing Sustainable Solutions
Soil & Dust Solutions has developed a job creation model based on the repairing of potholes and road shoulders.  This model allows for the transfer of skills through a basic training program, which will allow small groups to form a viable business based on pothole repair.

In the township and rural areas, this will provide a viable solution to the deteriorating roads, as well as job creation.

Our method utilizes the same concepts and methodology of road-building using stabilized layers but bringing the process down to a manual level. The performance level and fast curing time of our soil stabilizer, together with the fact that the end result does not require bitumen, heated vehicles, and is safe and easy to apply to make this a perfect solution.

With suitable soil, or aggregate we are also able to advise as to the recommended mix design and equipment for brick manufacturing.

Contact us for our training model and a step-by-step presentation.

Summary of Steps for repairing a Pothole

  1. Measure the size of the pothole
  2. Cut all edges flat and square, remove excess soil and stones to 150mm depth.
  3. Collect local soil sift out any rocks
  4. Put 400-600ml water in a bucket then 150ml/m² of SOIL STABILIZER and mix with soil.
  5. Leave one day to dry
  6. Spray topical seal application

 Prepare area, remove stones Add layers of  in-situ soil

Pot-hole repair

Pothole repair - add layers of in-situ soil

pothole repair - compacting each layer
Compacting each layer A pedestrian roller is recommended for optimum results
Filled pothole prior to surface sea
Pothole repair
Surface Seal Applicationl
Repaired pothole
Repaired pothole

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Contact Soil & Dust solutions for a step by step presentation for pothole repair – Soil & Dust Solutions also provides training for pothole repair.