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Soil Solutions is constantly innovating and supplying new technologies that improve the process, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of road construction. We take pride in delivering the best possible solutions to our clients across many industries including Mining, Oil, Agricultural, and Construction. With these Recycler Attachments you can now achieve the same efficiency and high level of performance without the high cost of a self-propelled Recycler or Reclaimer, and negate the need for a crushing and screening plant as these attachments crush stone in-situ.

 Road Recycler Attachments Videos: 

Road Recycler Machine gravel road refurbishing 1
RRA Video – 1
Road Recycler Machine gravel & asphalt road refurbishing
RRA Video – 2
Road Recycler Machine road refurbishing - 3
RRA Video – 3

Road Recycler Machines:

These multi-purpose road recycler machines are the latest example of innovative technology and construction solutions that Soil Solutions provides.


Road Recycler machines

These road recycler machines were designed to be reliable and efficient even under the harshest site condition. In particular, rugged solutions have been designed and developed to facilitate and accelerate ground stabilization for roads, highways, airports, and other major infrastructure jobs.   The Multi-purpose heads in the Construction Rotor may be attached to a tractor quickly and easily.  The tractor’s PTO powers the grinding head and can be quickly equipped with a stone crusher/stabilizer.

  Superior Results with the ground perfectly consolidated and leveled. The rear mount keeps the tractor from running over the prepared surface.  These machines meet the requirements for many applications: stone crushers, soil stabilizers, and asphalt grinder for road maintenance and construction.  


Road Recycler machines rotor


road recycler machines applications

RSL road recycler machine attachement
RSL Model

High-level function with reduced dimensions and low weight. Versatility and flexibility make it perfect even in very tight spaces. Ideal for areas of asphalt during road maintenance.View RSL model brochure RSL machine Specs

MTL Model

The MTL was developed for customers who own 140 to 240 HP tractors need solutions for soil stabilization, rock slab grinding, stone crushing, and asphalt shredding at a maximum depth of 211 in. Internal frame guards are secured with screws both centrally and on the sides to ensure our machine is both robust and reliable..View MTL model brochure

MTM Model

Its compact size and maneuverability ensure fast, easy transport from one job site to the next and enable work in tight spaces that are hard to reach with self-powered machines.View MTM model brochure MTM Road Cycler machine attachement MTM Machine specs

MTH Model

This is the top of the range in terms of technology and productivity. It is designed for use with very powerful tractors.  Extremely reliable as it offers high performance under harshest conditions.

MTH recycler attachement machine MTH machine specs


STABI/H Soil Stabilizers are built to the highest manufacturing standards providing quality, robustness and high productivity guaranteeing excellent performance. The STABI/H feature an innovative processing system whereby the mobile rotor exits from the mixing chamber allowing the machine to work at depths up to 400mm.

Constant homogeneity of the product at any depth and reduction in operating costs and construction time are a few of the advantages of this heavy-duty soil stabilizer.
View STABI/H Model brochure

STABI - H Soil Stabilizer

Advantages of the STABI/H over the Wirtgen WS Models:

  • Has a mobile rotor and mixing chamber with variable geometry providing the optimal mixing quality at all working depths. (Wirtgen has a fixed rotor)
  • Has interchangeable HARDOX steel protective plates on the sides of the rotor and chassis (Wirtgen has no interchangeable protection)
  • Has a Polychain driven transmission (Wirtgen has a belt-driven transmission)
  • Has a double spiral rotor with large fixed cutting tools (teeth) making it stone resistant (Wirtgen models have smaller teeth which are problematic with stones)
  • Has the ability to crush and mix stones or asphalt (Wirtgen models cannot crush stones)
  • Has an optional water spray system with built-in pump and an Automated Injection System (Wirtgen’s water system does not have a pump)

The STABI/H is a soil stabilizer and stone crusher, the Wirtgen models are only soil stabilizers.


AIS – Automatic Injection System

AIS is the innovative automatic injection system for efficient and calculated supply distribution of water and EBS – Engineered Base Stabilizer

Using AIS the operator can directly set the exact quantity of liquid on the display according to the road surface (l/m² or gal/ft²) or volume (l/m³ or gal/ft³)

The AIS intelligent system adjusts itself, automatically defining the flow in the mixing chamber according to the advancement speed and required depth.

When compared to manual flow regulation, AIS leaves no margin for error, guaranteeing excellent and accurate results.

The material is mixed at the correct degree of humidity resulting in high-quality stabilization.

View AIS brochure

Automatic Injection System (AIS)


Various sensors on the machine guarantee the correct automatic functioning of the injection system.

A radar sensor continually monitors the advancement speed, while various other sensors control the working depth.

A magnetic flowmeter ensures that the required flow is supplied, in addition as an option, the pairs of nozzles can be electronically controlled to partialize the irrigation zone and optimize the working width.