Soil & Dust Solutions was contracted to perform an upgrade to the existing gravel road and parking areas throughout the Estate in order to create a more usable gravel road surface that blends in with the surrounding environment thus creating a more pleasant atmosphere throughout the Estate.

  • Site inspections were conducted and samples were taken from the road and sent to the laboratory for testing to determine the best mix ratio for this particular road.
  • The roadbed and all parking areas were planed and milled to a pre-determined depth to ensure the homogenously breaking down and mixing of the in-situ material.
  • All stones and debris exceeding 50mm were removed from the surface.
  • A tractor and rotovator were used for all mixing and the EBS was sprayed manually as trees and the width of the road limited the access for machinery.
  • After the mixing was complete a tractor and box blade was used for the final shaping of the surface and then the surface was ironed with the vibrating roller to ensure proper compaction.

The final step was a surface seal of EBS, which was applied by hand in the tighter areas and using a trailer with a pump and spray bar to ensure even spraying and distribution of the EBS over the road surface. This surface seal will protect the surface from the weather, ensure proper water run-off as well as make the surface UV resistant.

The final result is a natural-looking environmentally friendly flexible road surface that blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings of the Estate. Your new road is UV and water-resistant, has increased skid resistance, has a reduction against freeze-thaw heaving, is safe for vegetation, wildlife and animals, and will not require any future grading or watering.