Engineered Solution for Dust Control


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Durasolution ™ is a technologically advanced and highly effective dust suppressant that provides  continuous  dust control as it wets the soil particles

Durasolution for dust control

Durasolution   is applied neat [ no dilution required ] and has a long term performance ability that allows for a significant decrease in water usage.  Durasolution application rates can be adjusted for short, medium or long term as well as to fit within budgets and weather patterns.

Durasolution ™. The technologically superior and exceptionally effective dust suppressant has consistently proved its efficiency in the most challenging, heavy-duty applications such as military installations, helicopter landing areas, unpaved roads, access roads, underground mine, and open cast mining operations, mine tailings compounds and even delicate areas such as equestrian arenas and horse and camel race tracks.  In addition, Durasolution provides important solutions for Airstrips and runways that are located in cold-weather zones.

Durasolution ™ will not freeze, and stands up to freezing temperatures, thus making it ideal for airstrips in remote and cold areas.

Durasolution™ is a non-slippery, crystal clear, odorless, environmentally compliant, sustainable compaction aid and wetting agent that is the most effective dust abatement solution available on the market today. Soil Solutions® proprietary formulation performs continuously and remains unaffected by the pernicious effects of rain and wind. The advanced technology used in the formulation of Durasolution even allows it to be applied in wet or freezing conditions, which further enhances its appeal.

The ability of Durasolution™ to safely and immediately reduce dust while increasing the efficiency of vehicles and equipment, extend tire life and improve road stability are added benefits. With Durasolution™ you are assured of success in every dust abatement program without inhibiting or hindering operations. Durasolution™ is the ideal solution for Plant Areas, Truck Yards, Pit Roads, Decline Shafts, Underground areas, and Turning curves on Mine Haul Roads.  In addition, Durasolution™  provides important solutions for Equestrian Arenas and Race Tracks.

One of the most important characteristics of Durasolution™ is that it is a re-workable soil agglomerate, which is primarily a non-adhesive non-binding “perpetual wetting agent”. Durasolution™ starts working upon contact and continues to perform even when the soil is re-worked, thus effectively eliminating the need for grading, watering or any other form of dust control. The initial application can perform for prolonged periods, with minimal maintenance required. Once the application is complete a re-workable surface is created, no application is ever wasted. The experienced team at Soil Solutions™ will develop a specifically tailored application and maintenance program for your dust control requirements, and budget.

Durasolution ™ has enabled our Valued Engineered Solutions™ to earn a stronger cachet throughout the industry. The galloping success achieved by the product in horse and camel racetracks, arena cushioning and dust control is a testament to its exceptional and diverse properties and applications.

Durasolution ™ – a high grade, crystal clear, UV resistant, highly refined natural liquid has completely outclassed other products, primarily due to its remarkable ability to blend with and amalgamate sand and soil particles. Its effective water like properties ensures that the surface moisture is continuously maintained.

Application Rates and Maintenance

The initial application of Durasolution – if applied at the recommended application rate will perform for 12-18 months depending on weather and traffic/use conditions.  After this initial phase, maintenance applications of between 30%-50% of the original amount applied should be applied on a more or less annual basis.  However every site and circumstance is different, a trained and experienced Soil Solutions representative will be able to provide detailed recommendations as to application rates and required maintenance that is specifically tailored for the required objectives and budgets.

Other benefits like simple application in freezing and hot weather conditions as well, no dilution required, and it’s non-leaching, non-corrosive, non-slippery, odorless, and colorless properties make it a winner all the way.

 Durasolution ™ is formulated for the specific purpose of maximum dust control, and is a highly effective suppressant for:

  • Gravel Airstrips and Runways in Cold weather areas
  • Open Pit mining roads
  • Mine Haul Roads
  • Heavily trafficked areas
  • Underground Areas
  • Loading bays – Staging Areas Truck yards
  • Temporary Roads
  • Sports fields
  • Event Arenas
  • Horse arenas
  • Race tracks


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