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Mine Tailings

The management of Mine Tailings is a critical part of any mining operation, and form a mining operations largest liability. Therefore effective management is critical, as long after the mining operations may have ceased the Tailings remain. To minimize current and future liabilities, Soil & Dust Solutions has devised a number of specialized applications for use on Mine Tailings, which will improve the integrity of the structures, reduce the amount of water used, and eliminate dust.

Challenges associated with Mine Tailings

The challenges associated with mine tailings storage are always increasing. Advances in technology allow lower grade ores to be exploited, which generate higher volumes of waste that require safe storage.

Mine Tailings Management video

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Environmental regulations are also advancing, placing more stringent requirements on the mining industry, particularly with regard to tailings storage practices and dust containment. This ultimately places added pressure on the owners and operators of a tailings facility who carry out the day to day roles of tailings discharge and water management.

The majority of historical tailings related incidents have been influenced by poor day to day management, and the over use of water coupled with effects of increased rainfall. Soil & Dust Solutions provides short, medium and long term sustainable solutions with respect to effective dust control and remediation on mine tailings and residue deposits, which will improve the integrity of the tailings structure, without the continuous use of water or expensive and ineffective irrigation systems.

EBS Mine Tailings Treatment
Mine Tailings Treatment at Eastplats Platinum Mine

Effective Mine Tailings management will ensure decreased liability, environmental compliance, decreased effect on neighbouring communities, and an over all decreased environmental impact.

As with all projects Soil & Dust Solutions will provide specifically engineered solutions for your dust control and remediation of mine tailings which will take into consideration a number of prevailing factors including:

  • Tailings Deposition ScheduleView Mine Tailings Brochure
  • Direction of Prevailing Wind
  • Buttress Sides and Slopes Beach Areas
  • Accessibility
  • Existing Condition
  • Current Erosion Problems
  • Life of Tailings and Remediation Plan

Our dust control solutions will require ONLY ONE application which will last up to 10 years if required — this results in substantial cost savings compared to the expensive and maintenance intensive irrigation systems as well as a substantial decrease in water use, which will also allow an improved structural integrity of the tailings.

Untreated Mine tailings

For longer term solutions, Hydrotac provides effective Hydro seeding with only one Application. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals will develop a tailored solution for effective dust control and rehabilitation of your tailings complex .

Depending upon the structural design and existing integrity of the Mine Tailings complex, accessibility for product application can in some instances provide a challenge.

We  will provide a safe and effective application process that meets the objective, whether this requires specialized attachments or the use of our Industrial Dust Machines (IDM units)   that are capable of far reaching applications covering large areas thus allowing for extremely efficient application process. We will provide a Value Engineered and Cost Effective Solution for our clients.

For an example of our innovative solutions see the project report on Eastplats Mine Tailings Application

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