Gravel Airstrip and Runway Construction & Dust Control

Soil & Dust Solutions provides cost-effective and sustainable solutions for specialized soil reinforcements, stabilization and erosion control, and sealed surfaces for Gravel Airstrips and Runways (Intelligent Airstrips),  combined with its extensive knowledge of soil mechanics allow it to continue to provide solutions for superior airstrips that improve safety, increase visibility, improve skid resistance, improve aircraft acceleration, reduce maintenance, and protect aircraft from damage.

On Tar runways: Increase Visibility and Reduce Maintenance with the effective treatment of the shoulders and side areas of the Runway.   One light surface application of EBS Soil Stabilizer on these areas on these non-trafficked areas will stop dust and sand blowing onto the runway surface for 5 years or longer.

Soil Solutions provides value-engineered solutions that are specifically developed for each of its clients.  The main pillars of our recommendations consist of:

Safety  – increase safety by minimizing or eliminating brownouts and making FOD visible

Maintenance – decrease required maintenance of the airstrip as well as the aircraft significantly through the elimination of sand and dust that damage aircraft engines and parts

Health – improving the health and welfare of employees, management and visitors to the site, and allowing Medical evacuation planes accessibility with a sealed airstrip

Investment Protection – An airstrip/runway is a large capital financial investment and it should be protected as such.  The reduction of material loss, protecting fines and improving thereby reducing maintenance and increasing safety which decreases liability will reduce costs as well as protect the initial investment.

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