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Palabora Durasolution Dust Abatement Application

As part of their Environmental Management System Palabora Mining took the decision to control the dust generated by their mining operations throughout the mine. The areas of concern included the parking area for the mining offices, the in-plant road and the area in front of the workshop.  Durasolution (dust abatement application) was selected for these areas as they receive heavy traffic and are subject to large amounts of fugitive dust from wind, traffic and from falling off the back of the heavily loaded trucks. The areas were prepared using a grader to remove foreign debris and to bring the excess dust level down to the desired thickness of approximately 1 cm to allow for maximum penetration of the Durasolution. The application was done using a pump and spray system loaded in the back of a truck and the areas were treated with two coats of Durasolution. Traffic was allowed to flow during application without interruption to the mining operations. The Durasolution (dust abatement application) acts as a compaction aid, increases stability, continually wets the surface suppressing the dust, is PM10 and PM2.5 compliant, will help reduce dust-related illnesses and is environmentally friendly.