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Great Basin Gold Burnstone Mine Dust Abatement

At Great Basin Gold Burnstone Mine located near Balfour in South Africa, the main traffic areas within the mine had become overcome by fugitive and windborne dust making mine dust abatement/suppression a requirement. Soil & Dust Solutions was called in and Durasolution was applied over a total area of 2,500 square meters which included the areas leading up to and surrounding  the vehicle workshop, the diesel bay, the brake test ramp, the entrance to the decline and underground within the decline. The application of Durasolution, which acts as a permanent wetting agent, supplied the necessary dust suppression by effectively agglomerating the dust particles together and keeping the surface continuously wet. The application was done by hand and without interruption to any traffic. Soil & Dust Solutions provides innovative and specifically tailored solutions for dust abatement.  This treatment will continually perform for effective dust suppression for 12 months. No repeat applications required. No need for permanent site establishment or dedicated staff or vehicles. No sticky substances to tack  or stick to vehicles. Non-slippery. Environmentally safe, Clear and odourless.